The cycling world has seen an increasing demand for gravel bikes that cater to the adventurous heart, offering an intersection of road cycling and mountain biking capabilities. Among the leading contenders in this category is the new Wilier Adlar, which brings forth an enticing mix of design elements and features for avid bikepackers.

Redefining Gravel Bikes for Adventure

At first glance, the Wilier Adlar sets itself apart from its peers. Sporting a carbon frame, this bike delves into the realm of adventure cycling with an enhanced focus on off-road prowess. Notably, while Wilier has an impressive lineup of gravel bikes, the Adlar promises something different. The bike boasts of its mountain bike (MTB)-inspired geometry, which guarantees stability and control, especially on technical off-road terrains.

The clearance of the Adlar for 52mm gravel tyres, or even 2in mountain bike tyres, stands testament to its commitment towards diverse terrains. This exceeds the capacity of its sibling, the Jena, which maxes out at 44mm.

A Design Crafted for Exploration

One of the highlights of the Adlar is its geometry, which borrows extensively from MTB designs. This includes a longer reach and shorter stem, which aims to offer superior handling. With a slacker 70-degree head tube angle, the bike ensures more stable handling on challenging terrains. This is a tad different from the Jena, which has varied angles across its size range.

Furthermore, the Adlar comes with its unique wide-flare handlebars and features integrated cable and hose routing through the stem, ensuring a sleek look. Additionally, the down tube shape acts as a built-in mudguard, a design innovation that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Technical Innovations

Several design decisions underline the Adlar’s readiness for rough terrains. It’s designed for the 1x drivetrain, and this exclusivity provides the benefit of widening the seat tube, turning it into a mini-mudguard. This unique feature ensures protection against splashes for the rider, the bottles, and the vital bottom bracket area.

For those seeking customization, the longer fork and shorter head tube are intentionally designed to allow for a suspension fork swap. This compatibility for a 40mm travel suspension fork, without compromising the bike’s geometry, brings in versatility.

Bikepacking Essentials

Adventure cyclists will particularly appreciate the Adlar’s purpose-designed racks. These racks offer a robust connection to the bike, mounting to the thru-axles. This innovative approach avoids the need for separate frame bolts, ensuring better load support. Furthermore, in collaboration with Italian brand Miss Grape, Wilier offers a set of bikepacking bags tailor-made for the Adlar’s racks. With bosses on the fork legs and additional mounting points for a third bottle cage, top tube bag, and mudguards, the Adlar ensures you have space for everything you need. With a reinforced frame capable of carrying up to 35kg, adventurers can embark on extended tours without hesitation.

Model Variants and Pricing

Wilier offers the Adlar in five specs, catering to various budget ranges and preferences. All variants boast of the innovative features essential for bikepacking, with differences in groupsets and added accessories.

  1. SRAM Rival XPLR AXS with bikepacking kit: €5,400
  2. SRAM Rival XPLR AXS: €4,800
  3. Shimano GRX 12-speed with bikepacking kit: €4,600
  4. Shimano GRX 12-speed: €4,000
  5. Shimano GRX 11-speed: €3,700

All bikes, with one exception, are fitted with Miche Graff XL alloy wheels. The bikepacking kit, priced separately at €600, includes front and rear racks, special thru-axles, and a set of four Miss Grape bags.

The Wilier Adlar represents a shift in the gravel bike landscape. It’s not just a gravel bike; it’s an adventure companion. Whether you’re navigating rocky terrains or embarking on a multi-day bikepacking trip, the Adlar promises performance, adaptability, and reliability. As every cyclist knows, every adventure is an evolution, and with the Adlar, that evolution promises to be exhilarating.

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Codey Orgill, a seasoned bicycle adventurer, has been exploring the world on two wheels for over 10 years. Since embarking on his initial cycling journey, Codey Orgill has traversed numerous countries, experiencing a series of epic adventures.