Are you just getting into the fat biking scene? And looking to expand your arsenal of gear carrying capabilities? The combination of a adventure bike plus a trailer is perfect for getting around. And a fat bike with a fat bike trailer just looks like the most ultimate adventure rig.

In this article we are going to go over some of the best options when it comes to fat bike trailers. These are all great for tagging along on your fat bike as you attack some of the gnarliest snow or sand conditions.

Extrawheel Mate Fat Bike Trailer

This trailer is a basic one wheel design with panniers on either side. It comes with the 2x50L Drifter waterproof panniers which is plenty enough storage for some of the most rural adventures. So that means you can fit up to 100 liters of luggage and up to 35kg of cargo. The trailer is prepared for a 135 mm wheel. and it includes a warning flag with the Extrawheel logo. What makes this trailer so cool, apart from it being one of the only ones dedicated to fat bikes. Is that it is also adapted for off-road riding. Not only that but if you are digging this trailer and don’t have a fat bike, it also can fit normal bikes.

Due to the trailers design your centre of gravity is lowered which increases stability. There are some great benefits to using trailers compared to panniers directly fitted on your bike. With this trailer specifically due to the design and having all the weight behind the bike. On steep climbs, it keeps the front wheel of the bike on the ground better. While also increasing the lifespan of the bicycle’s rear wheel. There is no need to worry about feet hitting the panniers they give you enough distance away from the feet so they don’t hit on the panniers. But also it is short enough that it makes it easier to maneuver and turn coming in at a length of 90cm.

When it come to assembly it hooks to the bike instantly. But what size wheels can this trailer fit? The Mate frame will fit wheels up to size 29×3 “and max. 26×5”. The trailer is made from a combination of; Thin-walled steel, stainless steel, plastic. The total weight including; frame with fender, wheel, fork, and panniers is around 11 kg. Price comes in at around €729.99

QuietKat Fat Bike Trailer

More of a cargo style fat bike trailer is this QuietKat Trailer. With two fat tires instead of one. It is less suited for adventure then the Extrawheel. But perfect for carting difficult shaped gear. This two wheel design makes loading and unloading much easier. But don’t let that stop you as it has suspension for off-road travel. Featuring a Three-Way adjustable Rack angle. With the 47″ long, 18″ wide cargo area you get plenty of space for gear. The trailer comes with 20”x 4” wheels and weighs in at 37.8 pounds or 17.15 kg. Priced at $339.00

Some cool things about this trailer is that it can be pushed by hand without being attached to the bike and it seems to pull and follow behind the bike well. As it will be able to haul most gear your through its way. One of the downsides about this trailer design. Is that there is no barrier between the platform and tires. So you have to make sure the gear is tied down well so it doesn’t hit the tires. But there is rather limited points to tie gear down in the first place. It seems that this trailer is specifically build to carry game. But it would work well if you have a bike trip with the family along the beach and you are bringing the cooler along with you.

QuietKat 18QKCT Rear Cargo Trailer

The other option would be the one wheel QuietKat fat bike trailer, this is designed with a much better way for carting gear for that adventurer. Comes with 14”x 24” of carrying space ideal for a cooler, fire wood or just touring/camping gear. This trailer features the narrow design allowing it to fit into tight and cramped spaces, not any wider then your fat bike. This is probably my favourite style of trailer. Perfect for single tracks, with panniers like the Extrawheel trailer and two wheeled trailers they are often wider. You get the more stable trailer then a two wheeled option. More stable and easy to maneuver than two-wheeled trailers which have tendencies to flip over on rougher terrain. The quick-attach system can be attached in seconds to your rear post with screws on rear axel. Plus you also get that smoother ride on rougher terrain with the rear suspension. Priced at around $1,200.00

Burley Fat Bike Wheel Kit

Not exactly a specific fat bike trailer. However Burley! A bike trailer brand that make some really high quality trailers has a 16 x 3″ Wheel kit available to be able to customise their; D’Lite 2013-Current, Solo 2013-Current, Encore 2013-Current, Honey Bee 2014-Current, Bee 2010-Current, Minnow 2016-Current, Flatbed 2014-Current and Nomad 2014-Current trailers to fit fatter tires for sandy fun adventures. The 16 sized wheel is smaller than your normal fat bike wheels, and 1″ thinner than some other fat bike trailer wheels in this list. But if you already have a Burley and just want to ease of turning it into a fat bike trailer then you have that option. Maybe it is even a better idea to get on of their bike trailers. So you can use it with a standard bike wheel setup and change when you want to explore fat bike territory? Priced at $149.99

Custom Fat Bob Trailer

Coast Kid – More info on the build here

Not available for purchase, but I wish it was. You could get a standard Bob Trailer and customise it to fit a fat tire. This has been a popular base for the DIY bikepackers out there. If you know what you are doing! There is some information that can be found on peoples builds and their processes.

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