Are you looking for some swept-back handlebars? Some bicycle handlebars for sitting upright? This article includes some of the best options for the best posture and comfort on a bike. Especially if you plan extended multiple-day bikepacking trips, these handlebars can be a real benefit for your back. These handlebars are ideal for touring, bikepacking, and adventure riding.

Swept-back handlebars are commonly found on beach cruisers but are getting popular when you need a comfortable MTB handlebar or an alternative to drop bars on road bikes. While also they do make a good change for a touring bike. There are so many comfortable handlebar options out there. Not just swept back bars.

There are Gravel Bike Handlebars that are still drop-bars but ‘Flared’ drop-bars. Or you can get the low down on Best Bike Touring and Bikepacking Handlebars. What about the Butterfly Handlebars? They are one of my favorites when it comes to comfort. Read my 7,500+ KM handlebar review here.

It is also worth noting before you go out and buy any of the recommended swept-back handlebars in this article. Consider your current bike setup and if you get these types of bars. You may need to alter it.

Don’t get me wrong, you can customize your bike. But most parts on a bike work together, so you will likely need to change more than one part.

Plan on having to buy new longer cables and housings. Potentially new brake levers, shifters, and hand grips. Since your hand position is being moved so much, your stem, the part that holds your handlebar onto the rest of the bike, might need a change too. Stems come in many different lengths and rises, and getting that combination right is really important.

Comfort is key when it comes to bikepacking, all these handlebars sit back bringing your posture up.

But I want to share something with you

Drop bars with aero bars can be a consideration for your bikepacking handlebar setup. Often with more aggressive gravel bikes a lower stack/reach ratio often means you stretch out causing discomfort

Combine that with traditional aero bar setups this creates even more stretching and discomfort, especially if you are spending long days in the saddle

That’s why we have teamed up with Fred Bars!

Once I integrated The Fred Bar with my aero bar setup, the difference was clear as day.

Allowing me to stay in the aero position for much longer periods of time and not strain my back.

The Fred Bar is an expertly crafted, American-made accessory that makes installing aero bars a breeze.

Crafted from high-grade, aircraft standard 6061 aluminum and a sleek cerakote finish, The Fred Bar promises durability and reliability.

It’s the perfect addition to your bikepacking setup and is used by endurance bikepackers all over the world

One issue I have always run into with aero bars for bikepacking is how much stretching happens. Resulting in discomfort and I just never end up spending that much time in the aero bars while riding!

Until now!

This product is the perfect solution to aero bar comfort!

I’ve been testing out the Fred Bars and I use my aero bars all the time now! Raising the aero bars and bringing them back, results in less reach allowing you to rest in a more relaxed, crouched position.

Why Swept Back Handlebars?

Maybe you have been riding flat bars on all your bikes for years. And now you are starting to get bad back pain due to the position your current bars put you in. And you are currently looking for some alternative options. For better posture, take less pain off your back. Overall they offer a more relaxed seated position while cycling, making an excellent handlebar option for long bike tours, especially when the road becomes trails and off-road type of riding.

There are many swept-back handlebars or comfortable riser MTB handlebars on the market. Too many to mention. However, I will try to list and briefly discuss as many as possible. Remember that other bike riders have recommended all these, whether for bikepacking or general use as an MTB handlebar.

Surly Sunrise Bar

One of my favorite bars on the list! They describe this bar as a cruiser bar, a trail bar, and a BMX bar all rolled into one. More designed for a relaxing cruise.

Made from Chromoly steel, it has a 22.2mm clamp diameter, but Surly included some Problem Solvers shims so you can mount it up to your fancy 31.8mm stem. Has a width of 820mm, and can be cut to 720mm. A 83mm rise, 14.7-degree backsweep, 6.7-degree upsweep and weighs in at 778 grams, including the shims.

Surly Moloko

These bars have been on my ‘must try’ handlebars list. Yes, that is right, I have a list of the bars I need to test out and use in my life.

As I mentioned earlier, you can click through and see my thoughts on the bars I have currently been using and like. But I love Surly as a brand and am a big fan of their bikes. Which is why the Moloko bars are up here. I have also met some bikepackers who use them on their rigs. The main reason is that they get better posture, which helps with back issues by putting the body upright.

Not only do you get that back sweep positioning, but also you get a multitude of hand positions. It makes it great for long days on the saddle, allowing you to change your hands and feel more comfortable.

You also get many spots to mount your accessories and the option for handlebar bags. The bar comes in 735mm, but if 685mm is more your style, don’t worry. Surly added cut marks so you can easily make it so. You get a sweep of 34 degrees and the bar totals weight at 709 grams.

Velo Orange Crazy Bar

A much more similar designed bar by Velo Orange is the Crazy Bar. These bars are intended for touring on paved and unpaved roads, single and double tracks, gravel and crushed limestone, and everything in between. The swept-back position provides reasonable control when you are up against rough sections. And the bullhorns offer streamlined positioning for smooth roads.

The main bar uses a 22.2mm grip area, so MTB grips, levers, and shifters fit. The “horns” are 23.8mm, so road components such as inverse brake levers and bar-end shifters are compatible. The stem clamp area is 31.8mm. They are made from heat-treated 6061 aluminum. Weight comes in at around 470 grams, with a 666 mm width and 45 deg swept.

Surly Open Bar

An upright handlebar design that is equally suited to cruising, commuting, and even some singletrack. Designed with a bit of flex to take some of the harshnesses out of your ride. The angle makes it comfy for your wrists. The width enables loads of control. It’s got plenty of room for grips, shifters, and brake levers. It has a knurled clamp area and is made from durable 4130 Chromoly steel. 

Available in low-rise and no-rise versions. The width of these bars is 666mm, and a clamp area of 25.4mm. The rise is 40mm, or you can opt for the no-rise option, as mentioned. The sweep angle is 53 degrees, and the handlebar weighs 475 grams.

Moonmen Moonriser Bar

Do you want to bring a bit more BMX to your trail riding? Well, this bar can deliver just that! A handlebar made from titanium that combines function and form for a comfortable ride. There is heaps of room on the crossbar for GPS and other gadgets. Or, if you dig that old-school look, you can add a handlebar pad, which brings back some memories.

The standard version is 32.75”/830mm wide (Cut-able to 30”), 4″ rise, 24˚ back sweep, 5-degree upsweep, 22.2mm tube diameter with shims to take it to 31.8mm stem clamp.

Fatback Sweet 16 Bar

This handlebar features some well-thought-out ergonomic design. It will help ease the pain of long days in the saddle. With 16 degrees of back sweep, it will decrease the pressure on your palms, keeping your hands happier for much longer. Especially with the numb fingers and ongoing soreness in your wrists from bikepacking, these bars are advertised to help prevent these downsides to bikepacking.

The width of these bars is 780 (with graduated cut lines), with a 30mm rise and 4 degrees of upsweep. Weighing at only 225 grams, with a clamp diameter of 31.8 mm.

Origin8 Strongbow

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A perfect handlebar for bikepacking that is also on the budget side compared to something like the Jones Loop. More on that one later. With the Origin8 Strongbow, you get multiple hand positions. It is very comfortable and ergonomic with a 15 degrees sweep. They also offer some comfort and support while attacking steep downhills too.

A cool feature is the front bar on this handlebar, which is excellent for mounting a handlebar bag but keeps it away from the brake cables. The handlebars are wide enough at 760 mm, and you also get an additional 120 mm of reach with hands on the front bar in an aero position.

Jones Loop H Bar

Again the Jones Loop H Bar offers a wide range of better hand and body positions to ensure more power, comfort, and control. These are some of the most popular swept bars for bikepacking. A whopping 45 degrees of sweep puts your wrists in a natural and relaxed position for lasting comfort.

The bar comes in two different widths, 660mm and 710mm. The 710mm version adds a fully-upright position at the back of the grip area, making it great for touring and a fully upright riding position. While the 660mm version is best for navigating very tight singletrack or narrow city/commuting situations.

Oddity Razorbar

The Razor bar is Oddity’s original riser-style bar. Comes in two different material build options. With 4130 Chromoly steel or titanium. You get up to 15 degrees back sweep (or choose from 0 to 45 degrees). 45mm rise (or select your own from 45mm – 100mm). 800mm wide (or less, your choice). It comes with a shim, fitting a 31.8 stem clamp diameter.

These handlebars are made-to-order, one at a time, by hand. So you should allow 4-6 weeks for delivery or sometimes even longer. They also have the Oddity Razorbar Plus. If you are after a handlebar with ‘hooks,’ making this bar is an excellent choice for multiple hand positions, climbing, and Mountain Cruising. 

Soma Osprey Bar

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The Osprey Bar is classified as an alternative MTB handlebar similar to Soma’s Clarence Bar. However, this bar has a little more back-sweep in the grip and a wider straight section in the middle than the two. This wider straight section helps with mounting much more accessories and handlebar bags. And you get many different hand positions. Made from a 6061 T6 Aluminum and a 40 degrees sweep at the bend at the grip. The width comes in at 710mm.

Defiance Arise Bar

If you are after hand-built and unique bars, Daniel over at Defiance Frameworks and build these bars to custom specifications like colors, lengths, and rises. But as they come, you can get these bars in a Clear or black Cerakote finish. With a 4″ rise 15 degrees back sweep, they are 800mm wide. Comes with a shim for a 31.8mm stem. All bars are made to order.

Hunter Smooth Move Handlebar

Made of high-grade aluminum, the Hunter “Smooth Move” handlebars are custom spec’d to unique dimensions. They have a 31.8 mm clamp diameter. With 750 mm in width, 38 mm rise, 15 degrees back sweep, 5 degrees upsweep, And weight at 380 grams.

Watson Cycles Ti Bar

Another custom back sweep handlebar builder is Watson Cycles these guys have 4 handlebar options, as seen above. The Ti Bars are hand-made one at a time. They were developed with specific bends to address the pain-related issues that come with the rigors of mountain biking.

The Titanium build helps to dampen the ride quality and smooth out the terrain minimizing vibration and, therefore, fatigue. The Parkarino bar provides the largest back-sweep at 31 degrees and 720 mm of width. It is the bar that started it all for the Watson Ti bars.

Koga Denham Bar

Had the pleasure of chatting with Alee a while back and met the man behind these bars. He is a true legend, and I am inspired by what he does in this industry! The Denham Bars are a calibration with himself, “Alee Denham” and Koga! Alee’s three most important characteristics for a touring bar are; bike control, comfort, and speed. And it is safe to say that they came up with a genuinely excellent handlebar!

You get a bar made from aluminum that offers 34 degrees of back-sweep at the grips. The width comes in at 711 mm and a 25.4 mm stem diameter. Barend shifter compatibility and weigh around 400 to 450 grams. The price is also not over the top at $80.00

Stooge Moto Bar

When Stooge was thinking about making these bars, they realized that most MTB handlebars at the time had not enough back-sweep. The speed and control this bar provides are outstanding, with a hand position that is so natural and comfortable. They have thought about this being used for multiple cycling disciplines, from enduro to bikepacking.

The wide clamp area is designed to provide plenty of space to strap bags and other accessories for those long-haul adventures. It is made from a heat treated 7050 alloy, 800mm wide, 38mm rise, 17-degree sweep, black anodized with laser etched ‘Stooge’ logo. 31.8 clamp area. And weighs 340 grams.

SQ Labs 30X 16

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These bars offer a 16 degrees back-sweep which provides a natural transition from the lower arm to the hand when in a more stretched riding position. You also get a 4-degree upsweep, which puts the elbows in a perfect position for a dynamic riding style. It is available in three different rise sizes; the 15mm, 30mm, or 45mm rise allows individualized positions. The clamp size is 31.8mm and is also available in carbon.

Origin8 Space Off Road 2

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Unfortunately could not find much information about these handlebars, as the sales pages aren’t that descriptive. But some bike travelers recommend using these bars to replace the Jones H Bars. Offering a 50mm forward sweep and a 30 to 40 degrees back sweep (had different numbers from Amazon and the official website). Weighing in at 340 grams. You get the option for 31.8mm or 25.4mm mounting options. Priced on Amazon from $55.00. But don’t take my word for it. Read the reviews here.

Soma Clarence-AL bar

These Soma Fabrications handlebars were designed with a similar sweep to the Jones H Bar. The Clarence makes it easy to throw the bike around in technical situations. Plus, the grip position feels natural. The 31.8mm version is slightly wider than the 25.4mm. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum. You get a 34° back sweep, 19° upsweep, 37mm rise, 670mm width, and a clamp diameter of 31.8mm. 

On One Mary Bar

These bars are available from PlanetX; we have no affiliation with them but are sharing them with you as they are budget-friendly. Available for those of you who are located in the UK, these handlebars cost only £24.99, and they have heaps in stock. Mary is On-One’s classic alt-bar. They like to call it their extreme sweep riser bar. It’s a bit odd but makes a lot of sense once you give it a go.

You get a 645mm width, A 37.5mm rise, with a 21 degrees up sweep and an 85mm back sweep on the 31.8mm bar. The two different clamp options come in different weights. 25.4mm bar clamp is 306 grams, and the 31.8mm bar clamp is 289 grams.

Bontrager Crivitz Bar

These Bontrager Handlebars are the same as what the Trek 1120 has stock. A great alternative to the Jones H-Bars. Bontrager’s Crivitz bars have a wide stance and swept-back grips making them great for commuters and city riding. It’s made from light and rugged 7075 aluminum with a 25-degree back sweep for comfort and efficient steering. They have a 25 degrees bend and weigh in at 270 grams. Priced around $90.00

FSA – Metropolis Handlebar

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These Full Speed Ahead Handlebars are reasonably priced at Jenson USA for $70.99. It’s an ergonomic, city-bike-focused design with a wing shape and can be flipped in either direction for a high flyer or low rider type of ride. Designed for urban and city riding styles, they still would be an okay option for an alternative to the H-Bar. They come in a 620mm width, 32mm rise, a 46.5 degrees back sweep, 21.6 degrees upsweep, and weigh in at 300 grams.

On-One Mickey Handlebar

The availability of some of these bars will be much harder to find. These are available in the UK from Planet X and are cheap. It has much less sweep than the Jones bar at 9 degrees. But it is a supremely comfortable low-rise, MTB-style flat bar that has been transformed into the perfect Touring, Bikepacking, and Adventure riding handlebar. If you prefer a more flat MTB bar setup than a drop bar, then the On-One Mickey bars might be an excellent choice for you.

It has easy ergonomics, plenty of width for the broadest shoulders, and a front-facing luggage bar. It’s perfect for any bikepacking or cycle-touring adventure. Has a rise of 14 mm, the bar weighs in at 476 grams, and you get a handlebar that is 760mm wide. Priced from only £24.99

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