About Cycle Travel Overload

About Cycle Travel Overload

Cycle Travel Overload is your digital compass for human-powered adventures. Our mission is to educate and inspire cyclists of all levels to embark on journeys across the globe. Whether you’re seasoned in the saddle or just starting out, we’re here to fuel your passion for exploration on two wheels. Join us as we turn every path into a story and every ride into an opportunity for discovery.

Our Story

Bicycles have always been more than just two wheels and a frame to me—they’re the spark of my youthful spirit, the canvas for my imagination, and the wings to my freedom. Every time I pedal, I feel an emotional tug—a confirmation that cycling is not just a phase but a lifetime journey I was meant to embark on.

From the thrill of BMX escapades with childhood friends to an unexpected twist that launched me into the world of bicycle touring, my passion for riding has only deepened with each adventure. That serendipitous leap into touring wasn’t just a plot twist in my life story; it became the narrative.

What began as a humble YouTube channel to document my globetrotting rides blossomed into this website—a beacon for bikepacking enthusiasts and touring novices alike. My vision? To see this space become a hub of inspiration and knowledge for legions of cyclists every month, igniting the spark to explore the unknown.

Through this platform, I aim to pass on the wisdom the open roads have gifted me. This form of travel has been my guardian, and now I’m eager to guide you as you embark on your two-wheeled adventures. So, saddle up, and let’s journey together.

Gratefully pedaling forward, Codey

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I love you guys!

Adventures we have been on!

The bike tour across the USA marked my initial foray into international adventure and resulted in the most significant personal growth I’ve ever experienced. Embracing the unknown with open arms, I embarked on a journey that proved to be a rewarding gamble, enriching my life with a tapestry of indelible memories.

Japan was a transformative experience. The shift within me was profound, and while I can’t pinpoint whether it was the relentless pedaling, the challenges faced, or the commitment to daily vlogging that sparked this change, the impact was undeniable.

Pedaling 3500 kilometers from Melbourne to Cairns over 54 exhilarating days was a standout experience in my cycling adventures across Australia.

Exploring New Zealand by bike is an unforgettable experience and a must-add to any cyclist’s bucket list.

We pedaled our way from France through the scenic expanses of Northern UK and into the lush landscapes of Ireland for a European cycling adventure. The true homeland of bicycle touring!

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