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Bike trunk bags are a great addition to your bike touring or bikepacking setup! Allowing you to make the most of the room on your rear rack.

Oftentimes I have discovered from personal experience on bicycle tours in the past. The space between the rear panniers at the top of the rear rack was often dead space. Making it hard to store extra gear in an organized and protected way.

Yes, you could use something like this. As they can help to secure your gear to the top of racks. But these trunk bags and rear bike bags over waterproof solutions allow you to store more delicate gear like camera gear and other personal items. Making them quick and easy to access.

Even some of the bags can be used as a dual handlebar bag and trunk bag setup, so you get the best of both worlds.

That’s the awesome thing about trunk bags, they can also be used in the front, on front racks!

In this guide, I found 6 of the best trunk bags, so you can choose which of these rear bike bags is best for your bike touring or bikepacking setup goals!

You can also check out our Best Pannier Bags, and Rear & Front Rack recommendations for a more comprehensive breakdown of cargo capabilities for your next adventure. But this article has taken those trunk bags and refined them to offer you the best choices!

Why you should trust my perspective?

I mean you do not have to, I just want to provide as much value as I can

I have over 8 years of bike traveling experience:

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This article will touch on different aspects of trunk bags

We’ll compare characteristics like:

  • Price
  • Volume
  • Weight
  • Is it waterproof?
  • Enclosure type – roll top, zip, or clip shut
  • Fitment versatility on different types of racks
  • Material
  • And any other features worth mentioning

What are the best trunk bike bags?

The best trunk bag is going to come down to personal preference. All the bags vary in size weight and other characteristics.

But they all seem to serve the same purpose at the end of the day! To store gear.

Because of this, we are able to narrow down your choices when it comes to selecting the best trunk rear bike bag for your adventures.

Old Man Mountain Juniper Trunk

Editors Choice!

As a bikepacking trunk bag, it is engineered to handle every scenario. Crafted from 100% waterproof TPU fabric, it ensures that the contents remain dry, irrespective of the weather. Its sealed seams and robust Hypalon reinforcements guarantee not just protection against the elements but also enhanced durability.

For added stability, the trunk uses four cam lock strapped buckles to firmly attach to your rack deck, ensuring it remains in place during your journeys.

A unique aspect of the Juniper Trunk is its understated branding. Instead of prominent logos, it offers an embossed loop velcro where riders can personalize their bags with patches of their choice. This feature provides flexibility, allowing users to change patches based on their preferences or mood.

Offering a generous storage solution with a 10-liter capacity.

One of its standout features is the robust construction using waterproof TPU fabric, ensuring that everything inside remains dry.

This durability extends to its HypalonⓇ reinforcements at every attachment point, providing an excellent grip and resistance against wear and tear.

Beyond its resilience, the Juniper Trunk demonstrates an environmental commitment, being crafted from PFAS/PFC-free materials.

For user convenience, it includes a roll-top enclosure and an additional external waterproof zipper pocket.

Furthermore, its design emphasizes user personalization over blatant branding, evident from the minimalistic branding approach with velcro patches.

Lastly, the trunk is equipped with clip light slots at its rear, enhancing visibility for those evening rides. It adapts seamlessly to most racks with a deck but is especially compatible with OMM pannier racks.

Two Wheel Gear Dayliner Handlebar & Trunk Box Bag

A 4-in-1 bike bag perfect for daily commuters and weekend adventurers. Designed for optimal flexibility, it can be seamlessly attached to the standard front or rear racks secured with sturdy velcro straps to a more casual placement in a bike basket or a firm attachment to handlebars using its swift slide features, this bag promises adaptability.

Diving into its technical aspects, the bag boasts dimensions of 14.5″ x 7.5″ x 9″ offering a generous 20-liter storage space.

It achieves this volume while keeping its weight at a minimal 1.87 lbs or 850 grams.

Constructed from TPE Waterproof Backed 600D Polyester guarantees both durability and elemental protection.

Its design incorporates hidden handlebar mounts and a stem stabilizer line for heightened adaptability.

Internally, the roll-top closure ensures content accessibility and organization, while an external pocket offers on-the-go access.

Off the bike, a removable shoulder strap ensures easy portability.

In terms of safety, its reflective design coupled with light loops enhances visibility.

An added touch is the fluorescent waterproof cover, emphasizing the bag’s commitment to ensuring both its, and its contents’, protection and visibility.

Tailfin AP20 Trunk Top Bag

  • Model: AeroPack Trunk
  • Price: $295.00
  • Volume: 20 litres
  • Weight: Approximately 520g
  • Dimensions: 435mm (L) x 165mm (W – Rear) / 130mm (W – Front) x 400mm (H)
  • Construction: High Frequency Welded with Nylon & Hypalon Laminate
  • Max Load: 9kg or 20lbs
  • Laptop Compatibility: Up to 12 inches
  • Attachment Time: Under 10 seconds

The AP20 Trunk Top Bag has a 20L capacity, that can be easily attached to any Carbon or Alloy Rack, enhancing convenience for riders. It’s designed for a snug and aerodynamic fit.

Prioritizing durability, the AeroPack Trunk boasts a construction that is completely waterproof. Its laminate skin is high-frequency welded, making sure your belongings stay dry.

A highlight of the AP20 design is its ease of detachment. While the rack can stay fixed on the bike, the bag itself can be quickly removed, ensuring you spend less time fumbling and more time on the move.

Stability is a strong suit of the AP20. It connects to the X or S Series racks from Tailfin through precision-engineered 6061-T6 aluminum alloy fittings. These fittings, in tandem with stainless steel pins, ensure the connection remains firm and noise-free.

The bag’s roll-top design is user-friendly, making packing and accessing your items straightforward, irrespective of whether the bag is attached to the bike or not.

Safety features are prominent in the design. It includes dual rear light mounts and reflective strips, enhancing visibility. Moreover, it comes with a convenient external zip pocket for essentials and stacking straps on top for added storage flexibility.

Acknowledging the traditional limitation of roll-top bags, the AP20 includes a Direct Access Pocket, letting you access the core compartment without having to unroll the top. Allowing you to also store gear on the top of the bag.

Ortlieb Trunk Bag RC

A water-resistant trunk bag that merges sophisticated design with practical utility.

Its Top-Lock adapter ensures that installing it on your bike is straightforward, and the unlocking handles on either side make attaching and removing the bag from the luggage rack a breeze.

This Top-Lock adapter is versatile and compatible with a range of luggage racks with widths from 60 to 140 millimeters and tube diameters spanning 8 to 16 millimeters.

Offering a 12-liter storage space, the Trunk-Bag can comfortably hold weights up to 10 kg or 22 lbs.

Its roll closure, which doubles as a carrying handle, ensures the contents remain shielded from the elements. This makes the bag versatile, and ideal for quick market trips or extended cycling journeys.

Inside, there’s a compartment with a key hook, ensuring that your belongings stay organized even on uneven terrains.

If you need to make a pit stop, the bag transitions smoothly from bike to shoulder, courtesy of its convenient shoulder strap. Notably, the Ortlieb Trunk Bag is crafted without PVC and is sustainably produced in Germany.

Bontrager MIK Utility

The MIK Utility Trunk Bag is an efficient solution for on-bike storage, enabling users to effortlessly install and remove it without the use of tools.

With its multiple compartments, it ensures organized storage and its robust build with reflective elements guarantees safety.

For those unpredictable weather days, the bag comes equipped with a rain cover to protect your belongings.

The trunk bag is crafted from high-quality fabrics and detailed finishes, achieving a blend of style and utility that’s hard to match.

At the heart of the MIK system is a unique locking mechanism that firmly attaches the bag to the rack but also allows for easy removal when needed.

Users can simply slide the MIK bag onto its corresponding rack, and once they hear the confirming ‘click’, they’ll know it’s securely in place.

However, if there’s ever a need to detach it, the provided key makes the process straightforward.

The MIK collection stands out because of its harmonious integration of racks and bags.

This unity ensures that while users enjoy a hassle-free installation, their essentials are also safely transported.

An additional feature that enhances safety is the provision for light mounting, ensuring visibility even in low-light situations. Reflective materials are strategically placed at the bag’s front and rear, combining safety with a sleek look.

Inside, the bag offers a variety of storage options, including a main mesh pocket, two side pockets with their own sub-pockets, and a soft-lined zipped pocket at the top for phones.

To round it all off, the bag comes with a dedicated rain cover stashed in its rear pocket and an integrated loop for rear light mounting, making it a truly versatile travel companion. The bag even offers an adjustable strap for convenient off-bike carrying.

Topeak MTX Trunkbag DXP

The MTX TrunkBag stands out with its distinctive material construction, making it one of the sturdiest and most weather-resistant options in the MTX series.

This bag boasts an expandable top section, augmented by a handy rear water bottle holder. What’s more, its side panels aren’t just static; they can be expanded into full panniers, allowing cyclists to truly maximize storage capacity.

Those looking for compatibility will be pleased to know that this bag seamlessly integrates with all MTX QuickTrack® racks.

However, if you’re leaning into using the panniers, it’s essential to have the MTX Dual Side Frames, especially when paired with MTX BeamRacks.

Diving into its specifics, the bag offers a spacious 22.6 L storage capacity. Its main compartment is thoughtfully divided and features multi-stage expandability at the top, accompanied by two side compartments that can be morphed into panniers.

Durability is assured, thanks to its construction from 600-denier polyester.

However, potential buyers should note that the bag’s maximum load hinges on the rack’s inherent capacity.

For added protection, the bag incorporates molded EVA foam insulation. It’s been meticulously designed to fit MTX QuickTrack® racks and is complemented by integrated side panels.

Beyond mere storage, the bag shines with its diverse features.

These include a water bottle holder, a user-friendly shoulder strap, a carrying handle, a visibility-enhancing reflective strip from 3M™, a safety light clip, convenient elastic bungees at the top, and an optional rain cover.

In terms of its physical dimensions, the bag measures approximately 14.1” x 9.8” x 8.5”-11.4”, with a weight of around 2.53 lb or 1160 grams.

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