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Visit your local vet before you go

This is a vital step before you head off on your journey whether it’s international or local. Just to confirm that your dog’s health is up to great standards. If you are travelling internationally your vet will be required to complete paperwork for border crossings. And to make sure that the vaccinations are up-to-date in relation to where you plan to ride in the world with your pup.

Selecting a dog bike trailer

Key factors to look for one finding the perfect dog bike trailer;

  • Size – where trailer be big enough for your dog to fit comfortably as they will have to sit for hours on end.
  • Weight capabilities – how much does your dog weigh? is it a larger dog? and does the trailer have the capabilities of carrying a heavy a dog?
  • Space – is there extra space maybe underneath the trailer to store all your dogs items such as food, bedding, toys, etc?
  • Shading – does the trailer have shading? As you may spend hours on end out in hot sunlight. You want to make sure that your dog is sheltered from the environments, even if it is raining to. Does it have tinted windows and ventilation and is it waterproof?
  • Durability – The trailer is going to get a hiding! Through travelling over many different tarains such as; rocks, cross streams, over mountains, on gravel, cobblestone roads. You name it, will the trailer maintain its functionality over time and constant use?
  • Tyres – You may want to look at upgrading the tyres. To something like Schwalbe that is more durable.
  • Stroller options – this option can be useful but is not necessarily essential.
  • Breaks – Probably most importantly, does the trailer have solid breaks? Obviously this is important to ensure the safety of your dog.

Things to consider about a trailer setup.

  • A trailer has great rolling resistance however when travelling uphill that’s what it becomes difficult as you have a dead weight but you need to haul up those steep hills.
  • Can be a challenge on unpaved roads with loose gravel but with those conditions you may expect the trailer to flip sometimes on really crazy trails.
  • It may be hard to also avoid on road hazards such as shattered glass nails and other things you don’t want to run over. As it becomes difficult to get an understanding as to where the tyres sit.
  • Also as the trailer is wider than the bike. It is hard to judge trying to fit the trailer through fences and other tight spaces.
  • Trailers How relatively inexpensive when compared to cargo bikes
  • The great thing about the bike trailer is that it can be converted into a stroller which can be useful
  • Most trailers collapse down to almost flat which makes it great for travelling on public transport with space requirements.

Look for trailers that are recommended for dogs specifically. As these will have a different material which will be easier to clean. Many of the options out there do come with a removable floor pan which is easy to wash out.

After looking at a few different two wheel models it seems the Burley D-Lite is a great choice. Having some things working in its favour like; suspension, heaps of space, lightweight, ease of breaking down. Some of the down sides is the standard tyres that come with this model often puncture easily. The price is quite expensive. (you can find it at Amazon.com for $480)

Bikepacking with your dog!

This is something that I want to do. I’ve been looking into taking my cute English Staffy “Jet” on A multi day bike packing journey. Which will most likely be out in the wilderness on tough trails.

One of the things I found challenging with a typical two wheel trailer, is the difficulty it may have on one way trails.

I think a one wheeled BOB Ibex bike trailer (which is $375 on Amazon.com) this is something I will be looking for.

They only thing to consider. Would be building some kind of custom, on-bike bedding situation inside the cage. For my bud to chill during the ride, something that would be comfortable to lay in.

Getting your dog used to the dog bike trailer

This can be a tricky task depending on your dogs attitude to the idea. They may be scared by a large rolling contraption and it may take a bit of time to get them used to it. But according to Wagwalking.com it generally takes about 2 to 4 weeks to get your pup fully accustomed to riding in a bike trailer. It is important to have patience with your pup and not rush things and give enough time as possible for them to get used to the idea.

You can try a multitude of training methods as mentioned from the previous site linked above.

Try adding your dogs most favourite things, like comfy bedding, treats and toys, and make it as welcoming and friendly as possible.

Test rides

Transporting your dog in other ways

Can my dog run alongside me sometimes

Bring the right gear for your dog

  • leash
  • microfibre towel
  • cooling vest
  • travel bed
  • Furminator
  • First aid kit
  • Collapsible food and water bowls
  • Treats and food

Biking with the dog in the heat

International flights and flying with your dog

Accommodation with the dog

Hotels Airbnb and warm showers are all potential options when possible turn with your dog but you must have in mind and not every type of these accommodations will allow you to stay with your pet and if they do sometimes they often charge you a small fee not every warm showers host is open to having dogs but it’s just always up to the individual hotel or host.

Camping and hygiene

For me since I have been looking into bike touring with my dog. One of the main reasons I go bike touring is so I can stealth camp. To get out into the wilderness. Considering this is my preferred option I’m gonna talk about this more.

One thing to consider though when sleeping with a dog in the tent. They can be destructive, so it’s important to take into consideration to protect your delicate tent fabric, poles, inflatable sleeping pad etc. As dogs, especially mine anyway love to chew this stuff. Jetty boy, hates the sound the sleeping pad makes when you inflate it. That hissing snake like sound. One night he ended up chewing my sleeping pad to bits.

Also a dog will act as an early warning for animals or people. As they may pass by your tent at night.

If your dog is dirty then everything else in your tent will be dirty. Make sure before sleeping with your pup, to make sure they’re clean. Give them a quick brush before bed. And dry them off if they happen to be damp.

Looking after your dogs health and hygiene if important. As they are exposed to the elements daily. Make sure to give them a quick once over for ticks or any other hidden injuries. Also check for rub points on their collar and around their harness.

The pros and cons of cycling with dogs.


  • A lot of weight is added to your bicycle and as a result cycling can become more strenuous when you have to carry essentials for your dogs such as food water leashes trailer plus the dog it does add up this may lower your speed and average daily distance
  • You may be viewed by others as a travelling Circus and people may Stare at you a lot
  • It does limit which countries you can visit easily. It can be restricting having to visit certain places unless you’re willing to leave your dog left alone outside
  • Sometimes when it is wet and cold and you want to warm up the bread and breakfast and have a nice hot shower, dogs are allowed
  • Travelling on public transport with the physical and logistical challenges makes it sometimes impossible
  • If you have a hunting dog and when you take it in the wild it can lead to a lot of barking and can result in some frustration.


  • Dogs are great security guards for your gear
  • They can also keep you warm and act like a hot water bottle at the end of your sleeping bag on cold nights
  • You can change people‘s travel perspectives on what is possible
  • Dogs are the greatest company and if you are a solo rider it gives you that companion on the road.
  • It’s also a great conversation starter and an easy way to be like minded and friendly people.
  • You may also become a lot fitter and stronger as you have to cycle a heavier load

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