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Man’s best friend can’t be his best friend if he can’t experience life with him! We all know that sad face pining after you as you leave the house is one that is very hard to ignore. Maybe you don’t have to? Why not take your best pooch pal with you?

Probably not the best idea to take the furry friend on a time trial or around XC tracks, but taking them to the shops or a nice country ride might be right up their street!

Can I put my dog in my bike basket?

The simple answer is probably yes! It may take some training to calm your dog down initially, but one you get over the initial excitement (or fear) this can be a great activity for you and your dog. If you have a smaller or older dog this could be the perfect option for you. They aren’t designed for running for long periods of time alongside a bicycle. Obviously, if you have an Irish WolfHound or Great Dane then putting them in a bike basket is somewhat out of the question.

Can you put a basket on any bike?

You can fit a basket onto most bikes. Front sitting baskets are better fitted to mountain or city riders with a higher stack. There are a lot of different brands and styles of bike basket, odds are you can find one to fit your bike and your pooch. If you can’t find one to fit on the front you can always look at ones that fit to the rear.

Bike basket for up to 20lb dog

Axiom Premium Dog Bike Basket: $115

Front sitting, classic look basket. Can be attached to handlebars or rack and boasts a very secure and comfortable ride. For the smaller dogs up to 12lbs on the front, or up to 55lbs on the back!

Solvit Tagalong: $42

Front sitting pet basket with shoulder strap for carrying after or before the ride. Extra pockets and removable sunshade. For weights up to 13lbs.

Pet Pilot Dog Bike Basket: $89

Front sitting sturdy basket. Steel frame which is easy to clip on/off. Includes safety harness.

Bike basket for up to 30lb dogs

Snoozer pet rider: $89.99

For dogs up to 24lbs. Padded basket for ultra comfort. Washable cover and material. Includes safety strap. Very highly rated online.

Honeytecs Foldable Bicycle front basket: $37.50

Made for dogs up to 22lbs. Lightweight Aluminium frame with soft cloth covering for comfort. Doubles up as a picnic box too! A very affordable option.

CyclingDeal metal wire Bicycle Cargo rack: $32.99

This is a cheap and sturdy classic design. Can be mounted front or rear and holds up to 55lbs. It has high sides to keep your pooch inside the basket. This is not specifically designed for dogs so has no additional features. Maybe one for the seasoned or calmer dog rider.

Bike basket covers, when not riding with the pooch.

If your pooch isn’t with you you might like to make your basket look and feel a bit more funky? Online shops like Etsy and Amazon offer a great range of funky or subtle designs to keep your basket clean, dry and fashionable all at the same time.

SoggyBottomBikeCover on Etsy has a range of very affordable, funky and showerproof bike basket covers. Retailing around $25.

COFIT offers a fully rainproof silver option for $33 on Amazon if funky isn’t your style.

How can I take my dog on a bike ride? Other ways to ride with your dog.

If you have a larger dog that a basket isn’t suitable for then the most common way to ride with your dog is to let it run alongside you. This is great exercise for the dog but does come with drawbacks. Your dog may stop suddenly or lurch forwards which can throw you off balance. There is also a risk of getting the lead stuck in your wheels. This style of riding can take a lot of practice for you and your dog.

If you aren’t confident with pulling your pooch along on a lead or you’re going on a longer ride you might want to look at bike trailers. These are pulled along and generally fit all sizes of dog. You will just need to get used to your new bike measurements, especially when going around corners.
There is a little contraption on the Australian market called a BuddyriderTM. They claim to be perfect for dogs between 5-25lbs. It is a bike seat for a dog! Bolts onto your seatpost  Sits centrally for better stability than a bike basket. It has an integrated harness to help keep them safe and still.

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