In this post I wanted to share some really cool Bikepacking setups and inspire you to see what is possible with bikepacking.

As I was getting into bikepacking it seemed confusing with what gear I need and how I can pack all I need for long tours on a bikepacking setup. It is also cool to see what other peoples setups look like. To get a idea of the possibilities.

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Let’s get back to the article

I am making the transition from a bicycle touring setup to more like a bikepacking one. And I asked fellow bikepackers if they could share their setup and some of the gear they use in this blog post.

It is really cool to just see what others are doing with their bikepacking setups and too see the creativity. Because it is like art.

Hopefully this is some inspiration for you to get out there and start your bikepacking adventures.

Ryan Winn’s Setup

Ryan uses this rig as his multi week back country setup. It is still a work in progress to slim down gear.

On of the reasons for making this post is to share with bike tourers who are trying to make the transition into a bikepacking setup the possibilities. It is hard when you come from a cycle touring background, because there is a fear of loosing all the “comforts and luxuries”. But it is inspiring to see bikepackers out there able to live very minimalistic and still manage to live fairly comfortably.

Ryan said “I am amazed by people who come from adventure racing backgrounds to bike packing, such a different mindset. It’s a what is “the bare essentials to survive and get from a to b” rather than what can I live without from my touring setup.”

Ryan also shared some tips for cycle touring to bikepacking

  • Cut down you clothes to a single set of day time layers (note one layer is arm sleeves) and a single set of night clothes.
  • Get a small compact tent / tarp and sleeping bag. Both are often big and quickest space saver – “mine fit together in the compression sack on my handlebars.”

Gear List

  • Bike is a Surly LHT, 26” rim with 2.15 tyres.
  • Bags are a mix of Revelate (seat and mag tank)
  • Home made (handlebar harness, stem bags and frame bag)
Teemu Kivekäs Setup

At the moment of posting, this is Teemu’s most recent setup. And he will be getting some upgrades very soon.

Gear List


  • 1.5 L fuel pod
  • 1.4 L (almost waterproof) stem bag
  • 2.5 L (?) framebag. (this is unfortunately too small to compensate the loss of space from the bottlecage) 
  • 20 L dual airlock on handlebars. (With Joey “harness plate” to protect the bag from cables and to make it a bit more secure.) 
  • 17 L seat bag

2 x 5.5 L gorilla bags on Blackburn cargo cages. Which are mounted with hose clamps to the fork.

Teemu’s gear upgrades

  • Kanga-Harness for the dual airlock. Making strapping the bag ridiculously easy thing to do.
  • Large Roo-pouch to go with the Kanga-Harness.
Scott Hawn’s Setup

Scott shares a small business with his wife called TreadLite Bike Bags. They are a locale South Australia Bike Bag based brand, that make some really cool bags. Most of his setup above is all TreadLite Bike Bags.

Zoltan Pall’s Setup

Gear List

  • Apidura bags (handlebar bag, saddle pack, accessory bag, medium frame bag and top tube bag). I found them so far very durable and absolutely waterproof.
  • Zoltan uses multiple bikes; custom made road bike, steel gravel bike and a touring bike.
Scott Forster’s Setup

Scott has ridden the Kidman trail and sections of the Mawson Trail in South Australia.

Gear List

  • Bike is a Bombtrack Hook Ext-C
  • Apidura front and seat bag
  • Bike bag dude frame bags
  • Scott highly recommends Treadlite bike bags made locally in SA.
Paul Lieberman’s Setup
Jason Glinski’s Setup
Sean Woods Setup

Sean picked up this Salsa gravel bike and is currently making the transitioning from a traditional road touring setup to a bikepacking one.

Chris Massara’s Setup

Gear List

  • Andrew the Maker frame, harness/front, bottle, and camera bag
  • Porcelain Rocket saddle bag
  • King Cage Many Things cages on fork
Mike Steegmans Setup for the Bajadivide

The above setup is what Mike used for the Bajadivide.

“Cool thing is that I can run the dropper post with those gravel panniers and when it all gets to steep and I have to push up the bike, I can take the panniers of to have less of a load to carry.

Attaching the panniers with some zip ties is a great tip for stabilising panniers when off roading to avoid them moving around too much.

“The backpack on the rack, is photo gear and drone, which I can put on my back, when the off-road gets interesting”

Mike Steegmans Setup for Mini trips close to home

Are you currently bikepacking? Or making the transition from bicycle touring into bikepacking? Would love to hear from you and see your setups. Drop a comment on this post and tell me about your setups and pictures if you can.

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